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The Old Wild Bank

At the center of a wild old town sits a wild old bank, and of course with every bank in the wild west, there's a thief waiting to strike. 

This build is an old, rustic bank sitting in the middle of a very old, almost abandon western desert town. The bank is built in a modular style, so the roof is removable allowing easy access to the interior. I built this mainly because I wanted to make a modular building, but I also wanted it to be unique, rather than make a modern bank in a modern city. This is how I settled on the idea of an old western bank. I honestly think that this build would be an incredible Lego Set because many people love modular buildings, and many people also love Lego western sets. Since my build rocks both I think everyone would love this as a set. 

The build features the bank on a 32 by 32 sand colored base plate. The build also includes a bank teller, a gold miner, a bank robber, and a horse.

The build also features old west, desert style scenery including cactuses dead bushes and other desert foliage, an old broken wagon, and barrels and crates to really give this build a western and rustic look. 

In total the build is about 700 pieces.

I really think that everyone would love this build if it were a set, and I think that it would make a great a addition to old western Lego towns every where!

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