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Sir David Attenborough

This set is a small displayable piece of Sir David Attenborough surrounded by nature. In the centre is Sir David Attenborough with 4 different biomes displayed behind him. A biome is a large area characterized by its vegetation, soil, climate, and wildlife. Although there are many different types of biomes when subcategorized, this set displays 4 of the main ones. We can see the aquatic biome, tropical rainforest biome, Antarctic tundra biome and the desert biome. I built this model because I see, like many others, Sir David Attenborough as an inspiration. He has had a legendary career on tv and his voice is one of the most iconic sounds on the planet. He has charisma and can capture an audiences attention effortlessly. His love for nature and his fight for the climate is nothing sort of heroic. I feel he should be immortalized in a Lego set so that the many millions of fans he has can be reminded daily emulate him in some way. I believe this set would be a fantastic addition to any Lego collectors collection because at the end of the day, who doesn't love Sir David Attenborough. His good friend Jane Goodall was given a tribute by Lego and I feel he deserves the same. Even though it is small it contains plenty of interesting species of wildlife which would look great as a display piece anywhere at home.

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