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Sandcrawler Jawa


I call it "the new Jawa's sandcrawler for not reach people".

It hasn't been easy to do, but I'm proud of this project. It's a very complete set, with a lot of droids and 2 Jawas (and a blue elephant), very similar to the original set (75059). The biggest difference is its size, aprox. 1/4 than the original, what makes it much cheaper and available to more people. It has 2 levels inside, with a cockpit in the front of the 2nd floor. You can pull out easily 2 parts of the roof to access inside.

I'm sorry about that, but with LDD program I couldn't join the wheels and the chains with the rest of the vehicle, but it's fully compatible. Another thing that is missing is a kind of cord or thread to get down and get up the front door.

I think is a very good set to be considered about the people that couldn't buy the big one.


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