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Steampunk Monoplane


This is my Steampunk Monoplane. I wanted to make somthing small, but cool and different. As you can see the wing shape is not a regular wing, I used a lot of wing elements to create a very curved and deep wing. The landing gear can easily be removed to be in flight. The cockpit is small but has a lot of room to put a minifigure and dashboard. I wanted to add more brown to the plane to give it a better steampunk feel, but I did not have the right brown elements, so I tried to recreate it in LDD, but I could not build the plane because of one of the technices I used for the back underside of the wing. So, I could not make it with the colors I wanted.

I belive this would make a good product because it is small so it wouldn't cost a lot of money, it is Steampunk, which has an endless amount of ideas going for it and lastly, Kids and Adults can enjoy it. Kids love to fly around with airplanes and Adults can enjoy it for the look of it. Please help this set reach 10,000 supporters for the posibility of it becoming a real Lego product.

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