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Revenge of the Sith


Help the wookiees to win the battle against the droid army by sending master yoda with clones.

This set is based from Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith on the planet kashyyk where wookies need help from the republic to win the battle against separatists droid army.

This set cointains:

  • 2 new wookiee warriors
  • 2 clone troopers
  • commander Gree
  • Master Yoda
  • 2 holograms of master Plo Koon and master Mundi
  • New crab droid
  • Spider droid
  • 2 super battle droid
  • droid and commander droid
  • the base
  • it also has scout walker

This set has up to 450 pieces it is easy to build and you wouldhave alot of fun.

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