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The DBY-827 heavy dual turbolaser turret was a turbolaser turret used on the Galactic Republic's Venator-class Star Destroyers during the Clone Wars.

They were the standard requirement in naval gunnery around the time of the Clone Wars for inter-ship combat and planetary bombardment. Venators had eight DBY-827s. During close-range fights, the turret could rotate in three seconds with its fast-tracking mode.[1]

The DBY-827 had seven different intensity settings. This allowed the Venator's pilots and gunners to select a range of destruction, from a small strike to a vaporizing blow. As a true warship, the Venator-class Star Destroyer could divert almost all of its reactor output to its heavy turbolasers.[1]

In addition to the firing settings, the turbolaser turret had three firing patterns for different situations. The first was the one-two punch firing pattern, which worked by having the first laser knock out shields or heavy armor protecting the target, then have the second laser hit the target itself. This pattern was often combined with a medium firing setting and long targeting mode to knock out a ship's vital systems before the ship got too close, all the while conserving energy for other manuevers. Second was the one-two continual firing pattern, utilized against small swarming enemies by creating flak. The firing setting determined how many shots could be fired before stopping to prevent the turbolaser from overheating, so low settings were often used with this pattern. The third pattern was to fire both lasers together. This was a general purpose method, on lower power settings it could create a flak that would conserve some energy for other manuevers. This method was faulty in the fact that it would leave gaps inbetween ships, and allowed more starfighters to come through, so it was utilized when power mattered more than rate. On medium power, it could knock out shields and allow allied starfighters to attack areas the turbolaser could not reach. And on the highest power setting, this would punch through shields and incinerate their targets.

The Star Destroyer Guarlara made effective use of these turbolasers in the battle against General Grievous's flagship, Invisible Hand.[4] during the Battle over Coruscant in 19 BBY.

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