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Deli by Shell

Inspired by where I work as a deli by Shell catering manager, Deli by Shell is the new Shell service station catering formula.
with the 2 sales points, one dedicated to coffees sandwich and pastry and the other the grill for hot dishes with entrecôtes or fried burgers.
the 1st stand is team of 3 showcases so 1 for the veinoiserie of 2 turbos heads for leather the panini and a coffee machine there is also the cashier in order to collect the customers.
The second stand is also equipped with 2 display cases and 2 turbos chefs but also with a plancha for leather meat as well as a fryer.
The minifurine will thus be able to recover in this creation that takes over my workplace identically
I hope that my project of 1452 pieces will please you and that you will support it

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