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ITALIA - 3D Poster

This is not a map.
It's a minimalist decorative poster dedicated to Italy.

"ITALIA - 3D Poster" is a tribute to my country, but it's also, potentially, a format that can be extended to any nation or region map of the world.

The idea
My idea was not to create a traditional geographical map, but to create a three-dimensional design and decor object that would be visually pleasing and easily adaptable to most homes. It was therefore essential for me that it could be hung on walls and that it had enough solidity to be placed on a shelf. Just like a painting. Certainly, it's still a project and can be improved in terms of simplicity of construction.

I personally love maps that show the orographic relief and the seabeds with a three-dimensional effect. So I wondered if it was possible to combine the versatility of Lego to create three-dimensional objects with the classic two-dimensional visualization of geographical maps.

I focused a lot on the color palette and the harmony of the shapes. Understanding how to overlap the various levels was a challenge for me.

I liked the idea of ​​using Lego bricks so that the side faces formed smooth and uniform surfaces.
Maps made with Lego pieces usually have the studs facing the viewer, and this gives them a "resolution" that is limited by the size of the smallest piece, 1x1. With this technique, where the smooth side is facing the viewer, it is possible to overcome this "limit" and draw the boundaries of the regions in a very harmonious way.

The characters symbolize four of the characteristics that have made Italy famous worldwide. Italian Style is a blend of many ingredients that are difficult to summarize in just a few minifigures, but Italian food, art, history, literature, culture, and design are certainly among these ingredients.

Hope you like it. :)

Enjoy, share and support!

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