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USPS Mail Truck


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Celebrate the US Postal Service with this minifig scale model of the iconic 1987 delivery truck. 

Insert mail into the slot, then open the access door and load it into your truck for delivery! Delightfully compact and a joy to play with, it's also a great display piece.

The Grumman LLV or Long Life Vehicle was designed as a mail truck specifically for the USPS. Its boxy-yet-angular design is instantly recognizable and has become a pop-culture icon. Over 30 years later, they are reaching the end of their lifespan but can still be seen on the road today.

Functional mailbox with slot for letters
Trunk compartment with hinged door for carrying mail
Right-hand drive configuration and mail tray, just like the real thing
Rear door gently clicks into place so that mail stays inside

The first rendition of this model was built using my childhood lego from the 90s. So every piece I used had been manufactured by LEGO in '87, when the Grumman LLV first hit the streets - including the handle used on the rear door which appeared in the same year.

When I re-designed the set in Bricklink Studio, I gave the mail carrier uniform a more modern palette and a truck interior to match. The result is that the shell of the truck has a vintage appeal, while the interior and uniform feel a bit more modern - true to the reality of these vehicles' long service life.

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