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The Skyscraper of the Modern Art Gallery


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The weekend is approaching and it would be a good idea to go to the modern art gallery

and then have a tea or coffee on the balcony of the cafeteria.


Welcomed to the third building of a modular trilogy, in this building we will find 4 floors:


Ground  floor:  

Modern art gallery and access to the cafeteria


1st  floor:

Cafeteria and balcony


2nd and 3rd  floor:

 Homes (could be the owners of the cafeteria and in

                their kitchen prepare the pastry )



A set of height that includes 6 minifigures.



-Artist (I chose the blue shirt minifigure

             but it can be any)

- Guy with long hair.

-2 women


I hope you like this skyscraper. For me it has been a pleasure to design it so that you can enjoy it, and if you like it, please do not hesitate to support the project. Thank you.

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