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Lego City Zoo Monkey Cage


About This Project

This project is my Lego City Zoo monkey cage which is the second in my Lego City Zoo theme. The idea is that each set is independent from the others so they can be moved around for play and clean up easier. This set includes two monkeys, a banana, and one zookeeper with push broom. The cage itself has a detailed interior including a tree. The top can detach so that you can reach the inside. Also there is a door on the back for the zookeeper to get inside.

Play Features:

  • Detachable roof.
  • Branch for monkeys to hang from.
  • Door for zookeepers to get in/out.


  • Two monkeys.
  • One zookeeper minfigure.
  • One banana.
  • One push broom.

This set is something that I was inspired to build for my 6 year old. With the smaller size sets it is easier for us to set up her city on her play mat on the floor. Then when it's time to clean up the city it is easier for her little hands to pick up and put back on the shelf. Also storage is a little easier too. This is a fun and very playable set. If you like it please support and share. Thank you.

Thank you for your support.


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