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Yu-Gi-OH! Duel Monsters


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"Yugi and Kaiba are going head to head in the ultimate showdown. Will Yugi trust in the heart of the bricks like never before and be able to summon his Black Luster Soldier or will Kaiba take victory with his Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!"


My set proporal is based on the characters by Kazuki Takahashi and card game published by Konami and finally the TV Show: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (2000) My set idea centers around the main characters.

The set features a frequent villain and anti hero Seto Kaiba along with the main hero of the show Yugi Muto.

My idea of the set as shown in the image above are to include:

  • Yugi
  • Black Luster Soldier
  • Kaiba
  • Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
  • 2 Duel Disks
  • 2 1x2 flate tile printed card peices (Black Luster Soldier & Blue-Eyes White Dragon)
  • 1 elevated Duel Terminal stand

As you can see I have tried to include the very main iconic characters from the show while allowing some connections to be made such as Black Luster Soldier mounting on-top of the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon when fusion summoned creating Dragon Master Knight which would allow more interaction and playability in the set. Also the extra two heads on the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon can be removed to represent a single Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Finally the duel terminal can be raised and lowered to allow the characters to step onto it.

Total Brick Count: 374

I hope you like this set idea if you do, feel free to leave a support!


Yu-GI-Oh! is a Trading Card Game product of the Konami Holdings Corporation which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this creation which represents a few specific characters based on Yu-GI-Oh! using LEGO digital elements from the LEGO Company. It is simply made as a what-if fan creation and should it gain 10,000 supporters it would have a chance of advancing  should a agreement come to be between the LEGO Group and Konami Holdings Corporation and any other needed entities on producing a similar set if they would be interested to choose to do so.

(In short to become a official LEGO Ideas set, the LEGO Group would need a licensing agreement with the appropriate rights holder.)

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