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Bird Box


LDD Bird Box

I have updated it due to the poor quality image, also added some additional information about the bird box.

Firstly the Lego bird box is designed to be used in an outdoor environment; therefore certain elements of the bird box requires to be glued to ensure it is water tight and wont break apart along the joints due to the extremes of weather.

The bird box displayed is designed for small birds like sparrows, robins pied fly catchers and other small birds. The entrance hole is 100mm high from the base, if the bird you are trying to attract requires having a shallower or deeper hole then this can be accommodated with this design.

The placement of the bird box for small birds should be about 2m of the ground especially if cats are about, sparrows; tits and starlings prefer their nests to be about 3m of the ground. I have strengthened the retaining holes on the side of the bird box as I believe the original design would break.

Hope you like it

Many thanks for looking and supporting