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Sorcerer's Tower


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Vladicus, the pride of the Academy of the Dragon, and one of the best battle-sorcerers of the realm has returned from his travel to the Forbidden Lands. And doesn't do it alone... he has come back with a new apprentice, arcane items and a stylish and brilliant tower (with a ghostly secret!).

The tower has four floors but only the top is playable, the main body has some pillars to make stable something so huge like this. The structure is mainly modular: tower body, top floor (with a removable wall), top roof and roof of the turret.

It has 2993 pieces, inlcudes 4 minifigures and the measures are 62cm/24.5 inch (height) x  21.5cm/8.5 inch (width and depth).

* All the pieces exist in real EXCEPT:

  • The 1x2x3 wall - 87544, its not available in reddish brown so I keep it as suggestion (exists in black).
  • Tiles with patterns, some are existing patterns and other are custom.
  • Minifigures colours and patterns ( Goblin's face is painted - new pattern).

As many of you know, my style is usually focused in medieval, dark and alternative themes. When I conceived this project (btw my first IDEAS product) I though in something classic of LEGO that could fit with my taste and I remembered that one of my first sets was the "Wizard's Cart - 1736" from 1995, I really liked that one as all the following sets based on fantasy and medieval I have created a tower with a little adult and serious touch, the perfect combination for the medieval/fantasy lovers.

If you like it, feel free to support and share it. Any comment, suggestion or question are welcome!


  • The plain scroll vector art and the table from the first pics are licensed material from Freepik (license paid), the rest of the art is mine.
  • The Sorcerer's hat is a composition from different pieces, it simulates an existing hat from the new wizards (hat+hair), unfortunately they are not available in Studio, so its impossible to add them digitally. 

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