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The Black Rider


After Pippin had stolen some vegetables out of farmer Maggot's field, Frodo, Sam and Pippin fled in a forest. Now they walk on a path in the forest. But what's that? There's a strange noise! Quickly they jump off the forest-path and hide under the roots of a tree. Out of their hide-out they see a strange rider with black cape, hood on black horse. Who's that and why is he in the Shire?


Now recreate that essential scene out of Lego!

The set includes:

  • A forest-path
  • A hide-out under the roots of a tree
  • Vegetation like a bush and two trees
  • An owl and a spider
  • Frodo with ring, Sam, Pippin with apple and carrot and a ringwraith with black horse

Actually I worked on this scene quite long but now I finished it!

I also want to thank Anduin1710 for the excellent pictures.

Anduin1710 is a passionate Lego LOTR builder.

Make sure to check out his projects here:

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I hope you like my project.

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