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Lego Friends Dolls


This project consists of brick-built versions of all 5 main characters from the LEGO Friends series. It also contains mini-figure versions of the 5 girls which could be replaced with mini-dolls if wanted. Each doll has 22 points of movement which are: a moving section of their hair; a turning head; 2 arms that are posable at the shoulder and elbow; 10 moving fingers; and 2 feet that are posable at the top, knee and foot.

I decided to create this project because I thought it was a commercially viable product. I think this would make a good LEGO set because I believe it would appeal to the target audience of LEGO Friends.

​I have corrected their mouth colour to match their colour lipstick and have corrected Mia's hair colour. These changes are only visable in the main picture as I lacked the time to re-take the other pictures.

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