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Thrust SSC

On 15th October 1997, Thrust SSC became the first car to break the sound barrier and broke the Land Speed Record with a speed of 763 mph (1228 km/h)

Powered by two engines taken from an F-4 Phantom jet fighter, developed by Richard Noble, and driven by RAF fighter pilot Andy Green, Thrust SSC made it's way into the history books almost exactly half a century since Chuck Yeager first broke the sound barrier in Bell X1 in October 1947. 

The record still stands almost 19 years later, however Richard Noble hopes to break the Land Speed Record once again with Bloodhound SSC.

After the record breaking run in Black Rock Desert Nevada, Thrust SSC now resides in the Coventry Transport museum. I've created this model as testament to the skill engineers who created this record breaking legend.

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