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Explora 2


Hi, this is my last version of a three modules spaceship to explore new worlds around the Universe!

The first module is the control room, but it can be detached and transform into a landing ship unfolding wings and motor rockets: five stable crew men.

The second, central module is the living one and it contains kitchen, equipment storage, scientific and medical laboratory, sliding doors to isolate the disembarkation zone. Four crew men working in now.

The third module contains the main motors room,storage vain and two little rescue caps; crushing the main gun on the top, the motors shine thanks to the ExoForce light bricks! Two crew men control that all functions be at best.

Outside the ship the crew can find a car module, a speeder and two generating electrical workers in case of emergency; little guns for little skirmishes because explore don't mean conquer!

So, 11 fearless men and women live in the ship to explore new,unexplored worlds: support and enjoy!

More pictures in this link:

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