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Henry Vacuum Cleaner

For 40 years, Henry has been one of the UK’s best loved vacuum cleaners. This set would give fans the chance to hold a mini LEGO model of Henry in the palm of their hands. At just 116 pieces, this set would be small, affordable and packed with fun, playable features. As the set would take up very little space, it would also be perfect for display.

Main features of the model include:
  • Two easy change nozzles, standard and brush, with ball and cup joint for full rotation and movement.
  • A plug which winds in by spinning the round 1x1 brick (handle).
  • Foldable handle which the model can be carried with.
  • Storage space inside the model for nozzle not in use or small LEGO pieces such as round 1x1 plates which could act as pieces of dirt.
  • Removable lid.
  • Replica green and red power buttons
  • and of course Henry’s adorable smiling face, enough to brighten anyone's day, especially when made out of LEGO.

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