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Lunar Light Space Base

My favorite Lego theme is Classic Space. To continue celebrating it I built a new base with two landing strips, radar and control tower. The radar is new generation with greater range and sensitivity. Landing strips with new sensors and radar allow spacecraft to land even in zero visibility conditions. On the newly discovered planet there are often sand storms that make visibility null. The base is also equipped with a control tower to regulate space traffic. The base also has a small power plant and a fuel depot.

The new TriStar spacecraft has just landed at the new base to carry out the first operational tests of the electronic equipment. To increase the safety of testing operations, the new terrestrial vehicle is about to launch a space vehicle. The small vehicle is used to monitor and communicate in case there are problems with the radar or sensors of the landing bases during the testing phase. Having vehicles of different sizes in flight helps technicians in radar calibration operations given the strong electromagnetic interference emanating from the planet.

I would like to see the Classic Space theme resumed after 10497 with some new sets. The fact that the Classic Space theme has no references to reality allows you to invent new adventures by letting your imagination fly in every direction.

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