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Settlers Of Catan

My version of the legendary board game Settlers of Catan. I had already made a version of this, but unfortunately it was lost during some computer maintenance. However, this has allowed me to make some changes to the models. The placement of cities is now much easier and the model now consists of fewer pieces, a total of 2287 bricks. Any support would be much appreciated :)
Settlers of Catan was created in 1995 by Klaus Teuber and has since sold about 40 million copies of the game worldwide. This original version of the game is for 3 to 4 players. Considered by many board game enthusiasts as a classic, Catan is already known to many. There have been Catan tournaments and world championships held due to its appeal. If you are more curious about the game and how it's played, I recommend visiting the game’s website.
Missing Components
This is in no way a complete Catan set as several things are missing from this board game. The missing components are the resource and development cards, the two dice, the longest road and largest cards and the rule book. All of which could not be built out of LEGO.

The Player Pieces
All players in this game use three different kinds of pieces. Each player has 15 roads, 5 settlements and 4 cities. The design of these pieces vary from each version of the game. Mine however, are a bit more simplistic. The settlements are represented by simple 2x2 houses resembling the more classic pieces while the cities simply look like 3x3 complexes not resembling any of the known city pieces in the Catan series. The reason for the city redesign is to make them easier to fit on the board. The roads are 3x1 small rectangles and are easily placed between settlements because of their small height compared to the cities and settlements.

The Board

While all harbors are placed in fixed locations, the tiles can be arranged in any way desired and are easy to remove and place on the board. As an experienced Catan player myself, I recommend putting the tiles out randomly on the board. The game will very likely get unbalanced but also will definitely get more fun! This may be harder to do with these kinds of hexes, but there are creative solutions e.g. using resource cards to determine placements.

The Hexagon Tiles (Hexes)

Making a completely symmetrical hexagon in LEGO seems to be impossible. However, I have done my best to make a sturdy shape that can easily be placed on the board. The game consists of 3 brick hexes, 3 ore hexes, 4 sheep hexes, 4 wheat hexes and 4 wood hexes which is the standard for a basic game of Catan.
These hexes have also been decorated in ways to give the game some more immersion. One important detail about the hexes is that they are not technically hexagons since all sides are not equal in length. You don't have to worry about putting them on the wrong way though as they only fit one way.

The Number Tiles 

There are one 2-tile, one 12-tile and two of each 3-tile, 4-tile, 5-tile, 6-tile, 8-tile, 9-tile, 10-tile, 11-tile. Those of you who are experienced with the game know that some numbers on the tiles are more easily rolled than others which is why some numbers are different colors and have different thickness (6 and 8 being the best, 2 and 12 the worst). You might have noticed that there are no sevens. This is on purpose as a seven will allow you to move the robber from the middle hex instead of gaining resources like you would normally do. 

Some Final Words

I'm not sure if you even read the texts above, but you don’t really have to. If you like what you see, please give me your support! Having a playable LEGO version of Settlers of Catan is something I would really like to see, and I hope you do too!

Thank you for reading!


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