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1930's Convertible


The goal of this project is to create a beautiful and classic convertible that not only looks good, but has functional features such as a retractable roof and manual steering. 

The convertible feature uses Technic beams to raise the roof above the seats. When raised up, the rear unfolds into a curved shape and covers the back nicely. When the roof retracts to the back, the rear panels fold into the back of the car and the roof lays on top. 

The manual steering in the front follows your hand-motion. When you push the car forward, it goes forward. When you push the car to the left, the wheels angle themselves via a set of parallel beams to the left, and the car will go left. This motion works the same way but in opposite directions when turning right. 

Overall, the set is fully operational, and it makes the car look good in any position. 

Some extra details about the set:

  • The car is approximately 20 studs long, 8 studs wide (includes mirrors), and 5 bricks tall (with roof on)
  • The car can hold two minifigures; maybe one male and one female. 
  • Interior details of the car include: seats, dashboard, cup holder, and rear V4 engine. 

I hope you enjoyed this model, and thank you for supporting this project!

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