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Betta Fish Lamp


Betta Fish Lamp

Betta fish are a popular "starter" pet for kids and adults alike. I thought it would be fun to have a set that allows anybody to have a modern, clean tankscape that you can keep anywhere.

I think girls also need more options and this is a great idea to introduce girls to building and it makes a great keepsake.  This set needs to be part of the CREATOR theme.

I decided to go with a fun colored artificial plant scheme to make it more colorful.

The green stalk has a clear articulating arm that allows for varying poses. And, of course, you can arrange the tank as you please.

Tank is complete with bubbles.

The bonus is this can be a lamp. Of course, it would need a mechanism to have a DC / AA battery lamp. It would be a great night light. The lamp is designed in a different layout with a few more pieces.

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