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Hess Truck Concept

Hess Truck Concept

What could be better than for a child to open up a Hess Truck during the holidays and not only enjoy playing with it, but revel in the satisfaction of having built it himself?

This is a recreation based on the 1975-1976 Hess Trucks which are childhood favorites of mine.

I have worked diligently to create a "toy" look in the traditional dark green, red and yellow livery. Real Hess Trucks still feature that color combination despite the toy’s switch to white and a brighter green.

This shot features the working headlights. You can also see the cab details as well.

The truck does not have a typical fifth wheel because the electrical line for the headlights runs through it to attach to the battery box on the trailer. It also has a basic interior with few details, the doors do not open, nor does the hood. All such details could be incorporated if the correct dark green pieces were available, however the original toys do not have those features.

This shot features the working taillights. Again the details have been kept simple on purpose in order to maintain the "toy-like" nature of the concept.

This is a full tractor and trailer featuring a flatbed trailer hauling a load of barrels. Those barrels conceal the battery box powering the headlights and taillights.

The decals are custom made by me and feature the standard green and white logo except on the tractor where the green and yellow on white logos are installed.

This shot features the simple studs up construction and highlights the barrel load which conceals the battery box for the lights.

Power Functions:
1 Battery Box #58119cx1
2 Light sets #x1917cx1

Color Scheme:
Dark Green Code 141
Yellow Code 24
Red Code 21

Tractor Length: 11 1/4 inches
Trailer Length: 17 5/8 inches
Overall Length: 24 inches
Width: 3 3/4 inches
Cab Height 4 3/4 inches, not including exhast stack

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