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Cappadocia in Lego

Let me show you my vision of what a Lego model from Cappadocia could be! This two-color set conceals small details perfectly transcribing the beauty of the troglodyte site of this region. We distinguish the small houses dug in the rock, the stairs, and of course, the famous fairy chimneys! (present elsewhere than in Cappadocia). I think my concept will make a perfect set of Lego ideas to present. By its smallness and its details, the final result will undoubtedly be perfect for the exhibition! This set presents neither gadgets, nor mechanisms, logic! Since the whole troglodyte part was made, thousands of years ago! This set is quite simple, it essentially presents the same type of parts. But in form, these pieces and their arrangement correspond as best as possible to this environment of stones and sand. I built this set because Cappadocia is a very beautiful region of the world, and I have no doubt about the quality and beauty of the end result!

I hope you like this concept! And I'm counting on you!

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