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The HG Charge Car Mach I


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This is a concept car that I have designed for the (somewhat) secretive organization, known (too few) as the HG. This is: The Charge Car Mach I. I have designed this, and it is my minifigure (in automotive testing uniform) that is driving it. One of the top members of the HG (who shall remain nameless) is the passenger.

This is a phenomenon of a machine. It has a high-efficiency, front-mounted engine with dual superchargers, as well as electric motors for each wheel that are charged by the rotation of the wheels.
There are also a pair of twin fireworks launchers that can flip up.

In the last image, I am on the right, and the representative of the HG is on the left.

If you would like to take a guess as to what "HG" stands for, you are welcome to tell me in the comments.

If you get it right, I will tell you, but I will also tell you if you are wrong.

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