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Lego City Fountain

Welcome to the Lego City Fountain,
This set is inspired by a fountain in the Frensh city of Valence. 

The build of the fountain has around 1500 parts, but you will need an extra 1140 round 1x1 tiles in trans-blue to fill up de fountain with water !
The total count is around 2600 parts.

The challange for this build was to create a round plateform with wedge plates. I managed to create the full circle using 38 of the 3x12 wedge plates. (I've done some math to calculate the exact angles and it does fit perfectly)

This set includes 6 minifigures
I think this set would look great next to any modular city collection.

If you like this idea please click on the support button to give this set a chance to become an official Lego set.

PS : please check out my new castle submission if you haven't already !!!

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