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Medieval Bakery


This set is a Medieval Bakery

I based me on a real medieval bakery.
So I builded a Bakery with a big furnace beside the house, and a big tend with some breads, pies and croissant for sale and sacks of flour under the table. 
This build contains the Baker's house with a big window in front the house, inside the house we have a fireplace, a bed, a dresser, contains a table with one croissant,a cup and a botle of wine.
You can expand the Bakery making the larger facade, only opening on the side.
To complet the scenario, I buld a water well, i putted some trees, wagon and horse with a bit of hay and 3 minifigures, the Baker, a Village woman buyng some bread and a village man drive the wagon.

I hope that you apreciate this Medieval Bakery, and help me to make this project real.

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