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Saint Seiya - Aphrodite Pisces


Aphrodite Pisces is a character of Saint Seiya Manga and Anime, he is one of the Gold Saint, the 12th. Aphrodite is famous for his beauty and his strength. He gain his power from the constellation of Pisces (fish), the 12th zodiacal sign, and he uses roses as weapons. In Saint Seiya Sanctuary chapter he fight against Shun (Andromeda).

I also added 2 pics: one with all the objects added to the set and another version of Andromeda (without armor); the second with the model made by me with real LEGO pieces.

I think this is a good set, with few pieces but with a good playability. Anyway in the final product the minifigs should be more detailed: the armor should be more similar at the Anime.If it reach 10.000 and it is approved, it will be a must-buy for who, like me, love Saint Seiya :D

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