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Signus Meteor Strike!

The communications beacon on Signus 7 has been struck by a meteor, repair materials and emergency supplies are required!

Space Cargo Team springs into action delivering prefabricated wall sections to repair the damaged communications beacon and other emergency supplies. The heavy duty Cargo Rover pulls trailers with Cargo Boxes and Gondolas bringing the necessary supplies to the construction yard.

This set is intended for use with the following projects:
Space Cargo Team
Nenergy Team
Mark II ACT Suit

Special cargo:
4 x prefabricated wall sections with Carrier Lights, 2 x ExoNuke (Nuclear Cores)
General cargo:
3 x barrels, 2 x boxes
1 x Cargo Rover, 2 x Cargo Trailers, 1 x Sled, 1 x Cargo Gondola, 1 x Cargo Box
1 x Communications Beacon, 1 x Cargo Yard
3 x Space Mini-figures

The building has its own inside structure with the walls being just a façade. This allows building to be part of the play without actually having to disassemble the main portion of the model. Carrier lights are removed from the prefabricated wall sections prior to assembly.

Special cargo is delivered by Cargo Box.

Power won’t be a problem with the included ExoNukes (Nenergy Team An ACT Suit will make fast work of the installation (Mark II ACT Suit

Once the Carrier lights are loaded back into the gondola Space Cargo Team will be off to their next mission.

Signus 7 is back on the air!

Note: Revised door and roof based on feedback.

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