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Ferrari V12 Concept


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This mighty V12 supercar is the pinnacle of Ferrari masterpieces. Its mighty 7.0 liter engine has over 750 horsepower and can rocket the concept to 227 mph in a frenzy of noise and speed. To create all that speed it has two steel exhaust pipes, an air intake in the hood, heat vents on the lower sides and a diffuser for downforce at the back. It would be an 8-stud wide Creator set and would probably cost $19.99 - $29.99 and sit in size between the 6-stud wide Speed Champions sets and the slightly larger 10-stud Creator cars. I made it use classic Ferrari styling like a long hood, circular tail lights, and narrow headlights. It cannot accommodate a Minifig because the roof and hood are too low and it would compromise the roof shape.

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