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Country Strip Mall


Yes, in the countryside you’ll find strip malls! They may not sell designer goods like urban malls do, but they have a charm of their own. This one has six businesses: a barber shop, The Donut Hole, Flo’s Cafe, Laundromat, Bait & Tackle, and 5 & dime. The roof of the mall is removable so the inside of each shop can be organized. The barber shop comes complete with a barber’s chair, sink, mirror and sitting area. The donut shop was inspired by a place seen in the small town of Escalon, California where you can find a crowd of male senior citizens in the morning sitting inside and outside as they discuss events of the day. Even country-folk enjoy eating out. Flo’s diner will cater to your appetite. The laundromat next door comes with five wall mounted washers and driers, laundry soap dispenser and folding table. A country-side strip mall is incomplete without a Bait & Tackle shop for fishing gear and a “5 & Dime” store for the low-cost incidentals. This lego set comes with 12 minifigures: Two of which are seen in the parking lot warming themselves next to a burn barrel. Even the chickens get cold high in the countryside! This mall is an older one because it still has a public telephone. Next to it is their community public mailbox.

This is a great play set for kids. To help with the fun, there’s a pickup truck, motorcycle, ATV, Scropion, Skunk, two dogs, and two chickens. At night-time the strip mall comes alive with official Lego LED lights for each store.

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