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Hero Factory: Quaza Eel

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You'd probably recognize this figure from my earlier set, Hero Factory Finale

But what is it? Where did it come from?

A creature from the deep sea, a Quaza Eel was a highly territorial species, attacking anything that entered its haven. It fed on the quaza at the core of the Makuhero planet, making retrieving quaza very difficult for workers to acquire quaza for the heroes. It was even more difficult for heroes when on rescue missions, because they contained quaza within them.

When the Brain Attack began, brains swam into the depths of the ocean. However, when they latched onto the eels, they were overwhelmed by the amount of energy the eels contained. They were stunned, leaving them unconscious. However, when they revived, they began experimenting with their new powers.

Mutated beyond belief, quaza became a natural growth on these creatures, growing on it like a hair. They also were given the ability to make another creature a part of itself by drilling its tail through their nerve system, and out the other end. With every addition to the body, the eel gained their abilities, including the ability to breathe air. Tapping into their victims mechanical system, they began changing the bodies of the victims, making them a part of the creatures. Slowly, they began to change form, turning into monstrous additions to the eels. They also became a source of quaza, especially the heroes who already had quaza. Just as quaza grew on the eels, so quaza grew on their victims.

Now, they have climbed out of the sea, and are beginning to add more to their collection. Will the heroes have a chance against this deadly foe?

This is an image of what the Quaza Eels looked like before they were infected. Though this version was indeed a threat to the heroes, the mutants make these look like nothing but an annoying fly.

Here is an image of the two versions together. Extra joints would be included, so you could add the sets you already have to the body of the mutant.

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