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Winter Town Hall


How can you run your Winter Village fairly and happily?  Of course with a proper Winter Town Hall! 


The town hall has a low, square tower on the roof.  A lovely garland hangs on the door.   The building is composed of two rooms separated by a wall.  As you come through the front door, you'll find yourself in the biggest room which has a bench on the left.  Guests wait for the mayor here as his secretary works on her desk that has a computer and lamp.  In front of the entrance door, there is a large cabinet with many drawers full of letters, fines, bills and other documents.


A second door leads to the mayor's office. This is a smaller room with a bookcase, desk and two chairs. On the desk there is a lamp and a half-written parchment.


The set also includes an antique car that is used by the Town Hall employees.


There are a total of 1100 pieces and 4 mini-figures: the mayor, driver, secretary and a citizen.


Hope you like it:)

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