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The DOPE or NOPE Set

This is a minifigure scale replica of the set from the comedy web series "Dope or Nope". 
Awhile back, the cast of "Dope or Nope" mentioned how cool it would be to see their set made out of LEGO, well challenge accepted.
It includes as much detail that could possibly be done in a minifigure scale with the additional details having to be either painted on the bricks or placed on with stickers; it also includes all three members of the show; Matthias, Tanner(or Tan Man), and Michael.

I feel that this would be a great set because it is fun looking, colorful and something that would look nice on a desk or self for display for any fan of the show.

Now, the one question is, is it a Dope or Nope? 

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