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Night At The Museum


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Hi Lego-Fan! Enjoy the experience of spending a Night At The Museum with this awsome lego project. Well, with this project, based on the movies "Night at the Museum", you will finally be able to immerse yourself in the fabulous world!

Well, this set contains the Natural History Museum (based on pictures of the movie) and the most famous elements of this set:

  • the Lego earth (156 lego pieces)
  • the Lego dinosaur (91 lego pieces)
  • the gate of the Pharaoh (96 lego pieces)
  • the Roosvelt figure (45 lego pieces)

This set also includes five lego figures :

  • The night watchmann : Larry ( Ben Stiller)
  • Roosevelt (Robin Williams)
  • A police man
  • The Pharaoh : Ahkmenrah (Rami Malek)
  • Sir Lancelot


This picture shows the Natural History Museum based on the movie!

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