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Benny's Sparrowhawk


Benny's Sparrowhawk is a compact spaceship highly desired by any intrepid space adventurer.  The color scheme is a perfect match for everyone's favorite space minifigure...Benny!!!   Could it be that this is one of Benny's earlier creations, possibly from adventures in times before the unfortunate accident with his helmet chinstrap?

The Sparrowhawk is a small, but intensely powerful ship with sharp lines and a body style that are modeled after its namesake.   A broad range of cannon and laser weapons are provided to give Benny plenty of options for blasting away those pesky asteroids and vaporizing space debris on his way to his next adventure.  The compact size allows him to easily navigate hostile environments and to touch down in tight places with a minimal footprint.

The giant single engine paired with ancillary thrusters on each side make this small ship a very fast flyer when zipping through the upper atmosphere or jetting between planets.  Whether the goal is to stand and fight or max the throttle and escape disaster in a streak of bright orange light, this is certainly the craft for the job.  

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