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Cybertruck vs. Pickup


Hi there, here is my Cybertruck versus Pickup battle made out of LEGO.

It really was a terrific idea from Tesla to show how powerful their new truck will be. And everybody says the Cybertruck looks like a classic LEGO design – so there are already some Cybertrucks here in the ideas area, I like the big one very much.

So why should you vote for another one? This is in minifigure size because I am a great City fan so everything I create should work with LEGO City. For sure you can place Minifigures into both cars. The Cybertruck is quite big but so it is in reality. I think both cars would enriche every LEGO City – the idea of the battle will work as a display I think. About 280 bricks overall.

I did a complete review on the Cybertruck by the end of January. It's a little bigger now and two Minifigures find a seat in it now. The Hardtop of the boot can be taken off and the ramp can be opened.

I hope you like my idea, if you do so please vote for it. And please take a look at my other projects. Thank you.

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