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Disney's Amphibia: The Calamity Box

Lovingly modeled after the iconic artifact from the popular and critically acclaimed Disney Channel animated series Amphibia, this recreation of the Calamity Box features a working lid hinge and turnable key along with the following other elements:
  • The three Calamity Box gems in charged and uncharged modes
  • Articulated brick-built figures of Anne, Sasha, Marcy, and Darcy (includes Anne's seasons 1-2 and season 3 outfits)
  • Stands for the brick-built figures
  • An easily removable 2.5d recreation of the painting showing the box's true purpose and history found by Grime and Sasha in "True Colors."
The box consists of approximately 2,900 pieces and measures just over 37 centimeters (14.5 inches) wide, 22 centimeters (8.5 inches) tall, and 17 centimeters (6.5 inches) deep, perfect for displaying on your shelf, storing in your backpack after you acquire it through completely legitimate means, or burying underground after you discover just how dangerous it is.
This would make an excellent LEGO set as it marries displayability and play features perfectly, and contains a variety of parts and colors for builders looking to beef up their inventories. Furthermore, a real-life recreation of the Calamity Box is one of the most frequently requested pieces of merchandise by the fandom.

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