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The Old WachMaker's Shop


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Welcome customer, to The Old WachMaker's Shop. Watches, Clocks, Watches, did I mention Watches?

Here in a typical classic village,
on a typical classic street, is a shop, a typical classic shop, ''The Old Watchmaker's Shop''

This is my Lego Ideas Model, The Old Watchmaker's. 
I started designing this a model a few months ago on LDD, (Lego Digital Designer) but unfortunately it was very hard for me to render the model off that software, so I asked around on Lego Ideas and some people suggested I use Bricklink Studio. So I rebuilt the watchmakers shop, and roughly based it of an old building in the local village which, coincidentally had the same name, and so, here it is, An old shop owned by an elderly gentleman who owns and occasionally races his Homing pigeons, and is visited frequently by his grandson and his family. In theshop there are lots of clocks and watches. Graandfathers clocks, coockoo clocks, wall clocks, digital clocks, table clocks, shelf clocks pocket watches of gold, silver, brass and more. In the garage there is the workshop where the watchmaker spends his time makeing and mending time tellers for hundreds of customers. In the Garden there is a  pigeon loft, vegetable patch, bird bath and more. There is also an old 1930s delivery van for transporting the bigger projects, like the Grandfathers clock.

I think that it would be a good model for many people, but that is for you to decide, the clock is ticking, so pleas, if you would be so kind, support this model, and maybe, it will reach the needed 10,000 supporters, and become a real lego set.

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