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Global Ocean Center

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Global Ocean Center is slated to become an actual physical complex by 2020, built to entertain and educate the public while also helping to solve and provide support to humanities most pressing issues.

In the meantime, through LEGO, children across the planet could have the opportunity to create their own Global Ocean Center.

Several hundred variations of subsea interactions as you see here are in the works, these interactive displays will allow for public audiences to witness firsthand real oceanic activities from the past, present and future.

Scenes range from; underwater archaeological discoveries, treasure hunts, scientific endeavors, energy development, military aquanauts and famous explorers.

This is a unique opportunity for LEGO to develop a legacy set that may become historically significant.

Included in the LEGO set will be components to build out scenes shown here. Also mixed in will be; media and film studios, science and dive medicine instruments, engineering and apparatus advancement tools, equipment service stations, command headquarters and other useful oceanographic operational parts.

There is too much to show on this platform, for more of a look, please visit and watch the video for a detailed explanation.

One idea for LEGO to be successful with this product will be to have them create a liquid environment (a just add water option in an acrylic box) that will allow users to play with and test their creation in a real setting, thereby learning about buoyancy control, hydrodynamic forces and creative ingenuity.

Using LEGO components, numerous backdrops can be built ranging from icebergs to tropical reefs.

This scene shows multiple human occupied submersibles and one exo-suit investigating a sunken aircraft carrier.

The options to build, create, invent and discover are only limited by the users moxie and imagination!

The Global Ocean Center set has the potential to become a longterm and iconic flagship of the LEGO family.

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