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Wan's Teapot, Ba Sing Se, and the Order of the White Lotus


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This creation was made as tribute to the new Avatar the Last Airbender series coming out soon. It features Wan’s Teapot from The Legend of Korra as well as a Jade dragon to symbolize good fortune. To link the two Avatar series together, the inside of the pot features my favorite location and characters from the original series: a small scale Ba Sing Se and The Order of the White Lotus minifigures. 

The dragon is a symbol of strength seen throughout the Avatar series and it is perched on the wooden handle of Wan’s teapot. The teapot sits atop a base depicting a bright flame. The teapot opens up to reveal key locations in Ba Sing Se, the Capital of the Earth Kingdom. These locations including the following:

  • The lower ring and monorail
  • Iroh’s tea shop in the upper ring, The Jasmine Dragon
  • Team Avatar’s Upper Ring House
  • The Royal Palace
  • The tree on the hill from one of my favorite episodes, The Tales of Ba Sing Se

The base of the teapot can be used to display all the members of The White Lotus and represents the Liberation of Ba Sing Se. These members include:

  • Grand Lotus Iroh
  • Firebender Jeong Jeong
  • Waterbender Pakku
  • Earthbender King Bumi
  • And Swordsman Piandao.

Other small details are included with the set. There are two Pai Sho tiles depicting the white lotus symbol in two different sizes. A small drill and tanks are also included from the Fire Nation’s attack on Ba Sing Se.

A great alternate build of this set would feature Raava instead of the jade dragon, a depiction of the spirit world inside the teapot, and feature an Avatar Wan and Iroh Minifigs.

Let me know what you think in the comments and thanks for the support!

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