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The Price IsRight

This is a set to celebrate one of the greatest game shows of all time and the host who made it so special.  Included is a Brickheadz Bob Barker and a set piece based on the Showcase Showdown. It's very basic to keep with my basic skills, so there is a lot of room for improvement.  I figure that is a good thing since this is Lego Idea's and not  Lego Finished Products.  

Possible improvements:
- long string piece for bottom of mic
- pocket square sticker or printed tile for suit
- printed tiles or stickers for numbers on wheel and score display
- larger wheel

I would also like to see companion sets.  Some possible idea's:
- Contestants row with a Announcer Rod Roddy
- game sets like Plinko and Cliffhanger with Barker Beauty
- Showcase podium with Drew Carey host
- big sliding door set to reveal.....A NEW CAR!

As for long term future plans, if something like this was to actually get made I would love to see a entire series of game shows.  Trebek and Jeopardy, Sajak and Wheel of Fortune, Hall and Let's Make A Deal

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