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Golf - Par 3


Hello friends,

What we have here is a golf hole made entirely of LEGO. This submission features a total of 1,695 parts, and there are a lot of very fun details;

- Give your minifigures the chance to tee off, but be careful, golf isn't for everyone, you might notice the golf balls lost through the years, hidden throughout the course.

- Travel is easy, there is a convenient trail and beautiful bridge for your golf cart, just try not to hit it too far to the left, then you might have to do some walking.

- Now, this may look like a easy hole, But there are a lot of hazards that you need to be on the lookout for, there is a river flowing just after the fairway blocking an easy shot to the hole as well as a sand trap just behind green,and let's not forget to mention the trees surrounding the area.

- The flag can easily be removed from the hole to make the player have a better shot at making the putt.

- This model can be separated into three sections for easy assembly and travel. The first section consists of the tee box and the start of both the trail for the golf cart and the fairway. Section two is a continuation of the fairway and trail only to be ended with a bridge going over a river. The third and final section starts with the rest of the river and bridge bleeding into the last section of trail, and concluded with the green and sand trap.

-Finishing off with the beautiful decorative trim surrounding this model making it perfect to display from any location. 

I have always loved golf ever since I was a kid, it as been one of my longest running loves in my life, much like my love for LEGO.

I thank you all so much for taking your time to look at my submission and an even bigger thank you to any and all who choose to support it and hope to see it on shelves and into your collection. I plan on posting more in the very near future so be sure to follow my page to stay up to date on new submissions. I wish everyone a great day and night. Stay awesome; build and play on. 

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