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Gargamel's House

I present the concept of the Gargamel house :)
The inspiration was, of course, a fairy tale watched by my children. When I saw the view of the Gargamel house, I found it interesting to practice different methods of constructing such elements as a thatched roof, a tree without leaves, and walls with uneven structure.

The construction included elements of the interior characteristic for a medieval house, which was undoubtedly the seat of Gargamel. An example is a chimney with a cauldron, old wardrobes for books and a table with candles.In the middle part there was also a hanging cage for smurfs and some accessories for catching them.

Above the entrance there is also an observation tower with a window through which a gargamel looks out for smurfs through a telescope ;) 

The model consists of 1462 elements. To maintain the correct scale the smurfs themselves are in the form of microfigures. There is also a figure of the Gargamel itself and his cat named Azrael.

Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoy it :)

Below is a link to the movie with construction and rotation

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