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Forest Coaster Expedition


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I created this roller coaster because I wanted to make a functional set with an original decor on a classic theme which is a journey through a forest filled with lots of small details that make this set very original.

The difference in color of the rails between the right and the left, the passage through a tree, the train runs between the different trees.

For the train to leave the platform, you must press the switch on ON thanks to the two wheels the train leaves the station to go on the climb which works with 9 wheels then left for a ride between the trees at full speed . Switch to OFF the train stops at the station for a change of passenger and it leaves for a new lap...

The attraction works thanks to an M motor, a battery box and an on / off switch.

I created this attraction in lego, because I am a roller coaster fan and I wanted to realize a personal and functional project which was a real pleasure to design with are the challenges to overcome.

I hope you enjoy this creation.

The set is 2400 pcs

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