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Elf Fortress



As you can see on the pictures this is a LEGO Elf fortress. This idea was created by me in LDD (LEGO Digital Designer) program. I was sitting and building this set on my laptop for almost 2 weeks and when I finally was done with it I decided to post it here on LEGO Ideas. Because, I think I'm not the only LEGO fan who wants LEGO to finally make LEGO castle sets with elves.


Why did I choose to make minotaur, harpies and cyclops ”the bad guys”?

Well, that's because I personally love mythical creatures and I think they look a little badass. Besides that the LEGO company has never made any set with mythical creatures so I think it's also something new.

Also something else that is new with this idea is that it's not like classic LEGO castles that just had four walls around with shape of a square. This set is more open which gives it more playability.

When I was building this set I also wanted it to be both for kids and adults. To give the set big playability I decided for it to have 10 minifigures, two balistat with flick-fire missiles, a big gate with double doors and a main structure being a big tree tower. I decided to make the main structure a big tree tower because:

  1. It's an Elf fortress.

  2. I wanted the set to contain a big amount of brown bricks because it's something I think adult LEGO fans will love and the LEGO company has never made any set with such amount of brown bricks.


When I was building this set I wanted it to be like all the big lego castle sets. I wanted it to be a big set but with an average piece count of big lego castle sets. An average piece count of big LEGO castle sets for the last 10 years is 1067 pieces (10193, 7189, 10223, 8877, 7094, 7097, 7946 and 70404). My Elf fortress idea set consist of 1101 pieces. It has just a little more pieces than an average big LEGO castle set. Also an average minifigure amount in big LEGO castle sets for the last 10 years is 8.4 minifigures, my LEGO Elf Fortress contains 10 minifigures. The reason for that is to give the set big playability and have gender equality. Gender equality of the minifigures is something I think will lock both male and female, adult and minor LEGO fans.


Reasons why this should become an official LEGO set: 


Mythical creatures

Harpies (a new mythical creature never produced by the LEGO company)

Equal amount of male and female minifigures

Big playability

A lot of brown bricks!


Minifigures in this set:

Male Elf archer

Female Elf archer

Male Elf warrior/knight

Female Elf warrior/knight

Elven Princess

Elven King


Harpy with 2 swords

Harpy with a bow




Structures and vehicles in this set:

A ballista (for the bad guys)

Gate with double doors and a small wall on both sides

A BIG tree tower



Everyone are allowed to use pictures of my LEGO set idea as long as they inform where these pictures are from and who is the author of these pictures.

Text, pictures and set idea by: Mikołaj Steczko  

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