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Fort Brixton

I built this because I saw the set Fort Legoredo and thought that it would be amazing to have another Union Fort with more realism and fun. I made a set with options, you can have extra rock and bush pieces, you can use the cannon or caisson. I love stuff like that because it’s awesome fun for kids. The palisades also could look phenomenal if done right. The most interesting part is the walls that can “EXPLODE” inward from the “dynamite” when you press on it. There is one by the table and buckets. There are 14 minifigures, 5 crooks, 9 soldiers. There are also 10 horses, 3 crook horses, 7 union horses, 2 union horses are for the limber and stagecoach. It comes with a stagecoach including a cash box. It also comes with a limber that can attach a cannon or caisson. It comes with a jail that has a cell for the leader and a larger cell for their lackeys. There is also a captains quarters and separate bunk room for union cavalry and infantry. There are also 2 extra bunks. There is a water trough out in the open to be replenished by rain. There is also some hay in the cover of the walls. There are also 4 symmetrical towers, which I really like. The gates can only open outward. They also have handles on the inside and a bar to put in the handles so you can’t open it. You also can remove the top walkway to let through the stagecoach. The cannons on the front can go left or right as well as up and down. There is also place for a sign that says FORT BRIXTON as well as some flags. One major problem is the fact that the pillars basically require a retired piece 3062old (BrickLink code) the newer version of the piece has a lip that ruins the aesthetic of a log. Thanks for reading this, and please support my project (but don’t feel pressured to).

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