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Konstal 102Na Tram


100 Supporters!

Guys, I'm so happy to see that you like my project, 100 supporters in just above a week is honestly impressive. I'd never expect that, considering it's my first idea here.

In return, I bring you some photos of real-life model I just built. For now, some basic external shots on straight and curved track. Note the pantograph tensioning using two smallest Lego rubber bands and a thread. Also, it's completely safe to hold the model just by its' ends, despite the three components being held togrther just by turntables. You can also see all of the customization parts (note that I only used parts avalible on Bricklink, if Lego made 1x3 transparent plates that would decrease the parts count by 32), and a comparison of door with all windows and one with its' lower windows sealed. Also, a hint about my next project :)

Next time, I'll post some photos of the interior, so please stay tuned, support and share with your friends.











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