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Finding Nemo

One of the best movies in Lego form! Does it get better?

The movie "Finding Nemo" was released 2003 and has since then been one of the most popular Pixar movies. The movie is about an adventure to find Nemo after he get's caught by a diver. And that is exactly what this model is based on. The scene where Nemo swims to the boat and then get's caught while his father Marlin can't do anything but watch. This is one of the most iconic scenes of the whole movie as it is what starts it all. 

This movie is probably my favorite Pixar movie and that's why I built this model and would love to see it made as a set. I can remember watching this movie over and over again just because I loved it so much. I also think that this model would make an excellent set for both children that are big fans of this movie and collectors that want to display a really iconic scene from one of the best movies. 

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